Are RiiCE THE BAR products Vegan?
Yes, all RiiCE THE BAR products are 100% Vegan.
Free from Dairy and any animal by-products.

Are RiiCE THE BAR products Gluten Free?
Yes, RiiCE THE BAR is Certified Gluten Free.
Our bars are made with puffed Brown Rice which is then coated in delicious dark chocolate.

Are RiiCE THE BAR products Non-GMO?
Yes, all ingredients are 100% Non-GMO.

Are RiiCE THE BAR products Kosher?
Yes, RiiCE THE BAR products are Certified Kosher Parve by Beth Din Minchas Chinuch.

What ages can eat RiiCE THE BAR?
RiiCE THE BAR is loved by people of all ages! 
But for children under the age of 2 it's always best to check with a doctor. 

Is RiiCE THE BAR made with Real Chocolate?
Yes! We use Real UTZ Certified Chocolate. Premium European Dark Chocolate, the real stuff, not that compound chocolate you get with cheap candy bars.

What is UTZ Certified Chocolate?
UTZ Certification is part of the Rainforest Alliance - an international organization that works on environmental protection and improvement of farmer livelihoods. Doing our part to challenge deforestation, climate change, systemic poverty and social inequity. 

How is RiiCE THE BAR made?
We start with Whole Grain Brown Rice which is puffed up and formed by applying immense pressure and heat until the grains expand in a big 'pop'!
The puffed bars and bites then go down the line and get a luxurious coating of Real Dark Chocolate.

What is the shelf life of RiiCE THE BAR?
RiiCE THE BAR is good for 1 year. You can contact us  with the code printed on the package to check the expiration.

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