Brown Rice, meet Dark Chocolate. Soulmates.



Brown Rice

Perfectly Puffed

Coated in Real Dark Chocolate


Raise the Bar

Tired of boring, unhealthy snacks? Indulge your sweet tooth with a blend of light, crispy puffed rice and a delicious REAL dark chocolate coating. Whether you’re on-the-go, at home, or just need to satisfy that any-time snack craving that RAISES THE BAR!

Love from Our RiiCE Squad

"Love!!! I'm obsessed!!!!!!! I've had one every day. I love the fact that they're easy to take on the go!"

– @glutenfreegalpal

"The best thing to happen to me so far in 2021!! I have not had a candy bar since 1991 and let me tell you that #Riicebar is raising the bar quite literally when it comes to snacking!"

– @melissaschapman

"I’m obsessed with Riice Bar! It’s the perfect gluten free snack that doesn’t pack on the calories and sugar. I’ve always got one in my bag ❤️ "

– @nicmoraxo

RiiCE to Meet You!

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